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I’ve been looking at your Positive Paid Work brochure about employing employees with HIV or positive.  I think this is a very excellent idea!

Because one of the most important things with anybody with serious medical health problems is to improve basically their state of mind and make them feel more optimistic and more positive about their future!

And when you got a healthier state of mind, it’s going to translate directly to a healthier body! Biologically speaking, immune system improvement… it’s body mind and spirit kind of approach!

I can’t imagine a better thing to do then to provide somebody  with meaningful employment to improve a person’s state of mind.

Without that you become grossly dependent on the system, depression, negativity sets in!

So yeah, I’m all for this! This is an excellent program!!

Les Moncrief, Health Professional of 30 years

This project sounds interesting and promising. Please let me know if i can be of any help.

 Dr. Siavash Jafari,  PHS Community Clinic
I think the website is really impressive – the program itself long overdue.  People who are directly affected by policies, research and community programs should be directly involved as consultants, designers and administrators of these aspects of society.  Who better to consult with than someone who lives the life affected by those things, especially when, like some of the video testimonials said, there are often issues with obtaining paid employment!


Looks awesome!


Thanks for sharing. These videos are awesome and I congratulate you and others with whom you work and those whom your interviewed.  Be sure I will share these as appropriate.


It’s a good cause


I’m all for this!


Awesome, totally an essential service! 🙂


Keep up the great work!


♥ That’s awesome


I always appreciate the work you and your colleagues do!


You are doing such great work


This is amazing!


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