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Positive Paid Work speaks at SFU Literacy Lives Community Capacity Building program

December 5, 2011

Positive Paid Work is about peer to peer positive employment connections for positive people!

Our purposes are

  • to connect people living with HIV with employers for employment
  • encourage HIV positive people to become more self-sufficient, improve their self-esteem and integrate better in community
  • empower HIV positive people by helping contribute to society and to socially involve them with positive feedback and positive paid work connections
  • improve the community situation for HIV and literacy/essential skills
  •  educate employers that HIV positive people have employable skills and the ability to balance their work and health needs
  • knowledge exchange through our mutual lived peer experiences and support education of  human rights and  health literacy including the social determinants of health

By obtaining Positive Paid Work, we can overcome one of the health inequities.  Higher income and social status are linked to better health. The greater the gap between the richest and poorest people, the greater the difference in health.

Employment and working conditions have power effects on health equity. When these are good, they can provide finance security, social status, personal development, social relations and self-esteem, and protection from physical and psychosocial illness.

The Commission at the United Nations calls for:

  • full and fair employment and decent work, to be a central goal of national and international social and economic  policy-making;
  • economic and social policies that ensure secure work for men and women with a living wage that takes into account the real and current cost of healthy living;
  • all workers to be protected through international core labour standards and policies and
  • improved working conditions for all workersThrough peer to peer collaboration and networking, we hope to enhance some of the skills a person needs to be employed, return some self-discipline and self-awareness as well as showing an HIV Positive person that being positive doesn’t mean you have to be totally dependent on society!

Our project will reach Positive People seeking Positive Paid Work and employers who want a Positive experience. By doing community outreach and engagement through having a weekly open house at a few ASOs and online through our website and social media links, we engage with people, locally, nationally and globally!

Our project is meaningful and relevant because we encourage HIV positive people regain their trust, pride and dignity through positive paid work!  We are a unique working group developed by DTES students and residents with their mentors, who want to ensure that HIV people have a chance to work, feel better about themselves and contribute to our community!

HIV people who have lost their employment or resigned their positions when faced with the dilemma of their illness need to know their human rights! With ARV medication, positive people can work and balance their health needs and positive minded employers can help them lead a fulfilling and meaningful life!

Positive Paid Work supports this by helping to liaison and negotiates with job coaching and peer to peer mentoring for all.

Our goals  for our project between now and end of February are to have community engagement in our neighbourhoods, develop a skills database, outreach online with our website  and social media link and develop the pilot program that will benefit others over time .

Positive Paid Work is looking for collaboration and partnerships with Positive People! We seek resources such as meeting spaces,  office stationery and supplies, bus tickets and healthy food.


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